my very last blog

it has been fun blogging about stuff that I enjoy doing. but unfortunately it has to come to an end (sad face). I have to stop because we are moving on to different stuff in school but sometimes change can be a good  thing so you better stop crying. Cause I’m going too stay strong.


I really blogging cause you can express yourself. the thing I found most difficult was trying to come up with sentence. I learning how to be a better writer. blogging can be good in ela and writ about books and stuff. I wounldnt change anything about blogging.



I love riding my dirt bike so I am going to tell you some stuff about dirt biking. Dirt biking is a very intense sport you have to be very good at it to be good at it. my favourite rider is Ken Roczen. I have a 85 Yamaha and a 100 Kawasaki. my number in 412.

I race every summer but last year I broke my leg dirt biking. I was in a cast for 4 months I had 3 different casts. there are many people that dirt bike. one of my favorite thing to do is dirt bike in my backyard with my friend there will be a video that u can watch to see me ride.


This is a picture of me last summer in my backyard.



My first blog

My name is Dylan, this is my first time making a blog. I am in grade 8 .There’s nothing I love more than riding my dirt bike on a Saturday Morning #motoislife. I live in Canada I ride polar bears to school every day eh. I also I Netflix #netflixislife

I learn by someone showing me how to do what we are learning, and I like group work. I remember when we went in  a group and had to write ideas and everyone had different idea and they help me understand it better.

I think digital education is very helpful cause you can Google everything